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Late Jack Helkena: Passed away in Majuro March 2, 2003
One of the great and honorable man who helped our founding fathers (mainly Ex Iroijlaplap Amata Kabua) forming and structuring our system of government which is called the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Helkena was a very devoted man to his small nation and his families. Most of his times in the public services began with the former Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands nation Government that was established by the United Nation under the supervision of the United States of America. One of the several  Marshallese citizens that were able to captured best job in the Capitol of former TTPI Government  because of their skills and merits. Helkena left Marshall to the South Pacific Islands  to seek his merits on the field of Health. After he finished his school he began his career with the TTPI for many years until the split of the six districts, where the CNMI implement its Commonwealth agreement with the US in the late 1970's.
Helkena returned to Majuro the Capitol of the RMI where he began his public services to the people of Marshall Islands in the early 1980's until he got retired in 1998. He was one of the first secretary of the Ministry of Health in those baby years of the RMI Government. Will give details later of late Helkena's years and moment with the RMI government.
On behalf  of those friends of late Jack Helkena Majuro Online wish to extend the deepest  symphathy to his wife: Mrs. Melfina Helkena and her daughters Bonnie, Molly, Ronna, Dibba, Jibli and Floriann and Mack.