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MAJURO HOTEL - located in the center of Uliga Village. It is a two story building constructed by owner Molik Ishigiru. After he passed away in the late 1970's, his wife continue the operation until the present days. The whole operation has been assisted by her three sons. Mr. Hidaru,Takio and Andy Isigiru. This hotel was originated and built by late Molik Isigiru a son of a Marshallese mother and a Japanese father. Molik was one of those businessman who established the small communities in the Uliga village as soon as the UN/United States formed the TTPI Government. Molik Retail Store was among the small store that were helping most people in Majuro Atoll early 1950's until today. The huge companies that kept the environmental alive were KITCO and MIECO. The two companies that were operated by Marshallese citizens but own by outsiders.   
AJIDRIK Hotel - First it was first the Ajidrik Store and Ajidrik Restaurant across the TTPI Camp House right next to the Agirculture Division of Poultry and Pigs. Ajidrik Company was one of those small company that also helped feeding the communities of Majuro Atoll in the 1950's until 2000. The infrastructures is still around and the Hotel is still functioning but with different Managements and owner. This hotel is still around across from Majuro Hotel. These were the first hotel in Majuro Atoll from the 1970's until present times.

Robert Reimers Hotel - It was first orginated with the Retail store that was built in the early 1970's. The construction completed in the year 1970.  After the falling down of MIECO and KITCO, RRE moved its station from Boat Pool in Delap where it now the Assembly of God Church location. It is a long story on the movement of the RRE from Delap but in fact it was fortunate enough to find a land from one of the landowner sons of Delap and Uliga to revive a land lease with the Lokot's family in Delap. The connection began from the relationship between the landowners's son and one of the son of RRE owners. The long time operation of RRE began in ULIGA since the early 1970's until the beginning of the millinium 2003. The opening of RRE ignited the atmosphere in ULIGA that help restructuring of Uliga into a modern look. It is now considered the Downtown Majuro. The expansion of the infrastructures are still continuing over these years over Majuro Atoll and some of the outer islands in the Marshall Islands.

OUTRIGGER MARSHALL ISLANDS - It was build in the early 1990's by the Government and others investors within the Republic and the late Iroijlaplap President Amata Kabua.  

ROYAL GARDEN HOTEL - Owned and operated by former Mayor Amatatlain E. Kabua. It is still funtioning fantastic. One of the first hotel in the Rairok or Bat Kan. It is a two story hotel located on the ocean side of the road.