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    This page is dedicated to late Birash Joash - first Mayor of Majuro Atoll (formerly DUD) and all Majuro Residents     

MAJURO Mayor -  Honorable Mudge Samuel jen Majuro 100% larrik in Majuro. Please welcome the Mayor. Joj en jibwe bein dron ilo jerbal kein ad Dri-Majuro. Kora eo jined ilo Majuro ej Mrs. Nelly Capelle Samuel. Joij im bar kariwaineik tok kora in jined woj jen aelon in Likeip im emoj an jibwe bein Mayor eo ad.

To find your council members, they are listed according to their respective areas represented in the front page. Therefore, please click on the name of village or "Bukon" and you could locate the name of your councilman or councilwoman from your township within Majuro Atoll, the Capitol of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  

The Administration:  
Mrs. Joubon Kabua, Mr. Titius Langrine, and Mr. Kurban Samuel - ekoba aolep councilman ro jen bukon ko kajojo ilo Majuro Atoll.
Council members ro jet im aolep staff im Management eo an MALGOV'T.
Mrs. Evelyn Lanki - Clerk of the Council - Majuro Atoll Local Government
Special Assistant to the Mayor : Mr. Russell Kuriet Lo_Karjin Langrine
Mr. Jasper Lanki ,Joseph Battol im Russin Abraham
Mrs. Helenta Heine and Ms. Tina Langrine

Joij im lale kajjo bukon ko ilo front page eo im lale etan aolep councilman ro kajojo jen bukon ko kajojo ilo Majuro Atoll...

Department of Public Safety: (Executive Director ej Mr. Kurban Samuel)
Shierff eo ej Mr. Inaka Edward
Chief of Police - There are new faces after a brief time of re allocation and re shaping the Public Safety department.

Department of Recreation and Public Works: ( Mr. Titus Langrine )

Department of Education ( Mrs. Joubon Kabua)

 Mayor' Action:
02/15/2002 -  Malgov Celebrates -MALGovt has lots of reason to celebrate this week. Today, February 15, 2002, is Majuro Day and a coluple of days back the group held a special day to celebrate the arrival of the new Sea Patrol boat for MALGovt. The new boat is aroung 21 feet and cost about $22,000. 00. It would be put to work soon after all the activities finished within the long weekend commamorating the Majuro Day at Laura field... Mayor eo ej kamololo kin jiban ko an aolep ilo ran in an Majuro Atoll Februay 16, 2002. Enaj komman ilo Laura.  Ilo etan aolep drijerbal ro an im aolep armij in Majuro Mayor eo ej kwalok an naan in kejeraman MAJURO ATOLL DAY!  Mayor Mudge Samuel

 OZ BOUND - Majuro Mayour Mudge Samuel congratulates MALGov sports supervisor Rantly Kattil on being awarded a scholarships at the Austrailian Institute of Sports In Canberra to complete a Level 2 Basketball coaching course through the Australian Coaching Council. (M.I. Journal p. 23 1/18/2002)

 Japanese help to set up bus stops - The Japanese government has extended grassroots grant assistance to MALGovt for the construction of 30 bus stops on Majuro main road. The agreement for $91, 684 was signed by Charge d'Affaires Toru Hayashi and Mayor Mudge Samuel las Monday. The bus stops will be used primarily as the pickup and drop off zone for students attending Majuro schools. Secondarily, they will be used as the only stopping point for commercial buses picking up passengers in compliance with MALGOV ordinances concerning the traffic on the main road. M.I. Journal 2/1/02