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BOKMEJ  WAS A COUNCILMAN FROM AJELTAKE IN THE MID 1990 AND LATER ATTEMPTED A SUDDEN SWITCH RUN  FROM THE AENKAN AND WON THE SEAT FROM OTHER CANDIDATES FROM THIS PORTION IN  MAJURO ATOLL. HE GOT REELECTED AND WON FROM RANTLEY KATTIL A FAMOUS BASKETBALL STAR FROM MAJURO. This is his second term at the Aenkan Community. Bokmej is also a local boy who has land rights over various land or wetos in Majuro Atoll. He is from Laura, Ajeltake, Woja, Rongrong, and Aenkan...ilo kautiej wot joij im jab mijak likao in bwe elap an monono in jiban jabrewot Armij elaptata ne kwe Dri Majuro. He attended Seven Day Advantist School in  Laura, Palau, and Delap..

Updated listing of all Islet in Majuro Atoll:

Rongrong -
Eneju -
Iajokela -
Jelter - Find Mrs. Belly Murenion and find authoization to visit this islet.
Kalalen -
Irooj -
Bokaetoktok - See Mrs. Item Andrike her aunties, uncle for more information on this small islet. It has a beautiful sandy beach.
Enemakij - Find Mr. Elber and  Mike Maddison to give you brief tour of this beautiful islet.
Kidenen Islet - Kayak by Hotel Marshall Islands, Outrigger Hotel Travel Desk, and Tourist Trap
Enemonet - During the 1970's at Assumption School, this islet usually reserved for all the activities of the Boys Scout of America troops resided in Majuro Atoll, with the coordination of late Elenson Tibon and Father Hacker with the participation of other public schools members  in Majuro Atoll. The camping events were  usually took place week before the New Year day. This brought the memories of the lady who use to live in this islet. In great memory of Mrs. Jebe used to be the mother of all the boys scout from all over the Marshall Islands. Troop 255 from Assumption School - some of the Patrol leaders were Mr. Reno Zedkeia, Anton de Brum, Jamwe Kilon, Larzarus, and more....listing later...RES Troop was lead by Mr. Teruo Kaminaga and Leen Lenja, Danny Lang, varoius troops from UPCS, Laura Public School, and Ebeye and from Kawajalein and Honolulu.
Dridrej - See Mr. Barris Lokot for details on this small islet. He is in charge of all incoming and other related activities interested to share on this islet.
Ejit - This is where the people of Bikini came to seek resettlement after the Bravo bomb test on thier respective beautiful island of Bikini. Majuro Online is still serching the truthful owner or  responsible owner of this small islet and how the Bikini people were able to claim this island as their island. Rumors hit the airsometime in the past of few years ago  that this islet was forcefully taken by previous government of  the 1960's  over the rights of the owner. Please submmit any details of this story if you believe you have some information to post on this site.
Ene Armij - This is the first islet you cross the current/channel at end of Rita during low tide to travel as far as possible before high tide, the fartest islet to reach is Kalalen but you have to travel at your best speed limit.  

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