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February 22, 2002
 RRE set ASUKA record straight:   Dear Communtiy: We have heard of several comments that were made recently regarding the Asuka ship visit that disturbed us. htese comments had to do with the perception that RRE had shomehow cheated tha community out of their fair share of the economic benefit of having this vessel visit. We would appreciate you considering the following facts whicch may not have been clearly communicated in the weeks preceding and during the visit. RRE had worked on servicing tha Auska for almost two years. This was our sales lead that Satoshi Yoshi, our staff dive shop manager, gernated during a dive trip in Japan and follwed up on. In planning for the visit, wer sent Satoshi to Japan twice and Midway once to meeet with the shipping people and see how best to organize the visit. Although some of these tirps were partially sponsored by the airline and MIVA., Sathosi;s time and energy were paid for by RRE in full. In addition to Satoshi's time, we involved almost every manager in our orgainization in planning to make this trip a success. The Asuaka pepole were tha ones who orginally proposed anchoging in thalagoon and coming ashore via the crew boats. They had sent a representative here to check out the docks and facilities and what they saw at the Delap did not impress them. The roads to the dock are in poor shape and there was nothing within walking distance (for the elderly). Older non English speaking Japanese were not good canditates for taxi travel either. The method we used for Asuka wa also used for the Lake Erie with great success. Having everything on our compound allowed for tight management control. the Asuka wa in and out on schedule and everyone had a great time. RRE did offer ALL HANDICRAFT sellers space on our property free of charge. We set up the tents at our expense and donate our space. MIVA was told they could set up an information booth and offer brochures and information on tall business on the island... Colette Reimers, RRE Hotel
February 15, 2002
Concern Mom calls for Laura Firestation: I am writing this letter to you knowing that many will read this article because I feel that it is an important topic to discuss.  Let me take you back about ten years ago. The rason I said ten years is because it has been that long since I moved out to Laura from Rita. As a mother of four children, I am fully aware that kids are always playing with matches. One of my biggest nightmares is FIRE. All these ten years I have talk with community leaders and even people in government leadership positions about the "fire hazard" in Laura. Can you imagine that there are so many people in this communtiy and no fire station. - not even to mention a fire truck? All these years, Sir, I've talked to people and pointed this out to them., but to me it seems litke I've been talk to the a brick wall." I am truly sorry about what happened before christmas when fire struck one of the homes here in Laura. It belonged to one of my best friend. Even if plenty of water in Laura, but nothing we could do, only fire truck and equipped staff could do it. Sir, let me ask you one question, what if someone would have listen to me and acted upon it? I thin my friend's house is still around. We all should be grateful and thank God that no injuries, but what next time? Let's not wait for next time because life is precious! Let's do something about this now.
Dri jeje: Juanita Morris Anni     Reply on:   [Majuro Forum Page]

 Education week plan enana ibben parents:   Kamolol kin am najj likit concerns kein ao:
1. Armij eo ejela tata kin aban ko an kajojo jikuul ej Principal eo, Eteke Committee eo ejjab kwelok ibben principal rein kin Education week ak rej make pepe kin kobban jikuul kein rejaje kaki?
2. Kwokonaan bwe aolep rijikuul ren bed mokta jen 8 awa jibbon ako kwoj lemnak ke kin LES, WES, AES, RRES, renaj jino jibadok RIta in jen 3 awa jimarok ejimwe ke?
3. Jete nejim ajiri enaj drette boran im mao ilo aer naj etetal juon kottaaneo elap an aitok, eteke jen CMI nan MIHS. Ajiri eo ejjab nejim enaj drete boran im maro.
4. Kwokonaan bwe aolep rijikuul ren bed bwe en emman program eo am, ak kwojjab konnan komman mona bwe ren mona im idaak, ekojkan bwe ren mona im idaak, ekojkan ajiri ro jen LES, WES, AES, RRES, renaj mona ia ke rej itok jen jet jikin rettolok?
5. Eteke kora wot men rein rej coordinators? What 's wrong with men? Too much Tonal and they are powerless? Is that right? Well I don't know.
Dri jeje: Josen Jacob, Concerned Majuro School Parent

 Call for Review of SS ACT:In our review of the Social Security Act, we noticed a descrepancy tha twe cannot resolve. Public Law 1995 -132, states that ift is an amendment ot the social security act, specifically " by deleitng the requirement by desegnating in writing the surviving parents in order for them to be entitled to benefits." This amendment only addresses Paragraph (1) by section 138, yet when we review the amended Social Security Act, we find that paragraph (2) is deleted by the Public Law. As we read it, the purpose of PL 1995-132 was to amend Paragraph (1) only and had no pertinence to any other paragraph of that section. Paragraph (2) by Section 138 sets forth the percentage of benefits due an dpayable to surviving parents and spouse. How this relates to "deleting the requirement of designating in writing" is what we failed miserably to comprehend. Inour services of other statues, we have noticed similar "deletions" that, apparently, have no pertinence to the stated intent of the amendment. Ruefully, we even have noticed conspicuously incessant violation of our Constitiution at the top of the totem. Hoping that this not a trend of someone's personal business, we would appreciate review of this and the other related matter and to work for a retrification of the mater if warranted.
Drijeje: Erstwhile Senator Alee Alik
February 08, 2002

 Kwoj na ruon won? Enainin aloep ien, ejjab emman an ro mokta komman konana an wor menin bal in boro, im komman bwe en ekka wot aer na ruon ro tokelik, jekdron ne ejjelok men en rar komane ak eoktak em aer bor eo. Juon ran iar kenono ibben juon ian alap ro an Marshall in, eo im elab an Lon an Money rainin, iar kajitok ibben, "Eteke kwoj jab leleok an Ajiri ran nejum, ilo ien am ajej?" naan eo ear jirontok io, "Kinke ien eo leo jeiu ear lale money kein ar jab eman an koman im iar bareinwot kajitok ta eo ajiri rein rar komane bwe kwon jab lelok ar, ear jiron tok io ke ejelok aer kin an kar jemeir jab kajimwe an komman nan na, enin imakoko in lale ir... Aolep problem kein ikatami ro wot lein jeim im jab ajiri rein...Juon wot nan in kakememej bwe Job ear ba iar itok nan lalin kin ejelok im inaj bar jeblak jen lal kin ejjelok., na make ij jab tomak ke ewor iaad ear lotaktok kin $50.00 ion deman ak ion ubon, lale bwe men eo ear komman bwe Anania im Jebweida ren kikjab jen ailin eo in. Elane naan kein ao renaj komman menin am inebata melele bwe ewor men en ebweir kwoj kommane.  Drijeje : Anjain Rowa
February 1, 2002

 Protest from mother of Marshallese: I am writing this letter from concern from statements alleged by Josepha Madison -Hill in januray 11 articles. Particularly this statement: " There is a big demand for Marshallese children in the United States sex industry."
If Ms. Maddison Hill has any foundation, rather than fabrication to base these allegations on, I know many of the adoptive parents of Marshallese children would like to know what they are. In the US, a home study including fire and safety checks of your home.... by Cynthia Van Campen_Keenan, Wilmington, NC

 'My son is the joy of my life' As an adoptive father of a Marshallese child, I am deeply saddened by your January 11, 2002 article on adoptions that carried tha headline"Adooptions for Sex? You have decended into the worst reaches of yellow journalism. ... by Gregg , Kwajalein

 Here is what you must keep you eyes on: while driving on the road you can see too many kids. They are on the road her in Majuro due to the lack of law enforcement, parental involvement, lack of play ground areas, and less education involvement. Also because many single mothers can sell their babies without respecting the law, so more babies are being sold out by the mothers every week...just like the foreign fishing boats are taking away our fish every week. by Kasuao Helgenbergber

 As an adoptive parents of two Marshallese children, I read with dismay and contempt the article which Ms. Maddison Hill recites on the subject of adoptions by US citizens and what she infers as a system which is base upon corruption and lack of enforcement to safeguard that safety and welfare of adoptive achildredn by US citizens... by Reid E. Graser, Ogden, Utah, USA

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Dear RMI negotiation team,

 Nuclear victims worry about postage hike
I guess if you let the U.S. have its way in the Compact negotiations then we will have to pay more for postage.
In other words, Mr. and Mrs. Buntaklik and others(including the nuclear victims's health fund and trust) of Rongelap (and other effected RMI islands & people) will have to pay more in shipping & handling expenses for medication or prescriptions that they need take for nuclear-related health conditions that they have due to the sacrifice they were ask to make with their lives and their land. Now the U.S. wants to end this crucial service that is cirtical to many of us.?
The U.S. continues to asks for our trust and continues to inisist that it is our friend. That latest development and news coming from Compact negotiation do not show any action or conduct of a friend. We want a Compact tha is good for us, and I respecfully ask for you to say no if none of your request and demands are met and okayed. Let us seek life elsewhere. We have been used and abused by the U.S. for too long, it's time to stop. Ambassador Senko, is this our"Thank you" from the U.S. for "helping mankind"?

By: Ginger Tuaolo, Arkansas     (Ukok nan Majol)
Marshallese translation by Majuro Online

 Mr. Editor
Kamolol Iruwaki;
Ilo etan aolep armij in Ajeltake, jinen im jemen aolep rijikul ro ilo Ajeltake Public Elementary School, kim konan kwalok am nan in kamololo elab nan Minister eo an education koba lok ibben secretary eo kin aerro kar maron in letok juon bus bwe ri-jikul ro ilo AES ren maron in kojerbale ilo kotan in ejorren bus eo waer.  Menin ej juon men eo ear lab an jiban im koman bwe jikuul en jab bojrak ak en wonmanlok wot. by Obet Mote, Principal - Ajeltake Elementary School see also AJELTAKE