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MAJURO@ONLINE March 29, 2002
Majuro's trash situation is in crises with a battle brewing between the local and national goernments. Majuro Mayor Mudge Samuel issued an ultimatum to Public Works Minister Rien Morris Tuesday saying that the local government is halting use of Majuro's dump until the dump site is "properly managed" and until Public Works provides more funding assistance for the garbage collection operations. But Morris told the Journal on wednesday that Public Works has been working with and helping the local government. He indicated that he was surprised by the ultimatum, saying that if fundin is needed, it has to go through a Cabinet review process that takes at least a week for action. MALGov is demanding that Public WOrks provide an additional $100,000 for maintenance of its garbage equipments. Samuel maintains that because of Public Works negligence in maintaining the dump site, MALGov is experiencing $10,000 a month in costs from damaged equipment, including the need to repeatedly repari and replace tires. " Almost every month MALGov has to replace brand new tires due to neglgence of the operator for the compactor at the dump site," Samuel wrote to MOrris. " The bin trucks are operating over 16 hours per day...If one or both bin truck break down for just one week, trash on Majuro will be scattered everywhere. ...