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Father Hacker
Season, Tanej, Jr Kibin, and Mr. Kenneth Capelle. All former students from the Father Hacker System - Ebeye and Majuro, MH.
What did Father Hacker did to Dri Majuro?
Father Leonard Hacker arrived Honolulu August 16, 2002 from Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands. After spending many years in Majuro creating many development and infrastructures at end of Uliga - beginning of Delap, it used to be called Enen Edik or small Island. Father Hacker came to Majuro to continued with all the projects under the Catholic church system in Majuro. Right after he arrives in Majuro, he started with a small school to help the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands government system with the promotional of the educational system to all Marshallese, especially all Dri Majuro. In fact, Hacker school system not only benefited the residents of Majuro but was wa as well contributed much for the outer islands, mainly Jaluit and Ebeye Kwajalein. There were other students attended the school in Majuro coming from various islands of the Ralik Rak, Ratak Ean, and Ralik Ratak, this means most of the Marshall Islands population were involved. Even there were students from other part of Federated States of Micronesia, e.g. Chuuk and Phonpei, Palau. Even Nauru and USA.
Father Hacker did not only interested in builing educational system but he as well liked to do construction works. He began to built the new Catholic Church in the late 1960s. This building is still now in service since it was completed in the middle of 1970's. The construction of the building began in 1973 with the help of the Assumption Parish members and most students at the school in Uliga Majuro. Ther were lots of contributions from private sectors and members of the catholic chruch members including the PTA from both high and elementary school. The first international night was conducted on the stage of the new church. It was part of the fund raising to completed the other portion of the this church.
If we really look into the church structure and how it was designed, this will give us an idea how it was designed. It already met all the disaster standards as well as building code to prevent more casualties during a typoon, cyclone, waves or any events that will affect life or death.
After completing all his plans in Majuro, he transferred to Ebeye Kwajalein where he did the same thing to people in Majuro. Father Hacker will be miss by many alumni and members of the Assumption Parish Organization in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
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