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    This page is dedicated to late Mayor Wilmur Bolkeim and all the Alabs of Kwajalein Atoll  
Lolelaplap Mayor im Ri Kwelok ro jen Kwajalein Atoll

Kwajalein Atoll Representatives or Senators to the Nitijela

Senator Iroijlapap Imata J. Kabua im Mrs. Hiromi  Kabua

Senator Iroijlaplap Imata Kabua ej jokwe ilo Ebeye, Kwajalein ilo jukjuk in bed eo ilo Guugeeguu im ej bed wot jabon jemlok in wot cause way en ilo Ebeje. Ewor bar jikin an bed ilo Coast Guard site ilo Ebeye im ne ej bed ilo Majuro mweo mwerro ej bed ilo Bikinkur weto ilo Delap im iturin lok wot kar Capitol Building eo emor im kio an Ministry of Education. Im ilo Honolulu ewor juon mon im ej bed ilo Aiea, HI.

Senator Ataji Balos im Mrs. Alice Balos
Senator Ataji Balos ej jokwe ilo Ebeje im Majuro bar einwot an ion kwelok ko an ilo Nitijela eo.

Senator Sato Maie im Mrs. Sato Maie
Senator Jato Maie  ej jokwe ilo Ebeje im bar einwot jokwe ilo Majuro nan an ion kwelok ko an ilo Nitijela eo.

Iroij ro ilo Ebeye:
Iroijlaplap  Imata Kabua
Iroijlaplap  Anjua Loeak
Leiroj Likwor Litokwa
Leiroj Neimata Nakamura
Leiroj Seagull James
Iroij Mike Kabua
Note: Jekonan kwalok ad nan in buromojlok ibben bamle eo an Iroijlaplap Imata Kabua kin jako eo an Leiroj Kitlang Kabua ilo December 21 ran in 2001 ilo Castle Medical Center Honolulu HI  im ej kab emakit lok jen Honolulu nan Ebeye ilo January 4, 2001.

One of a kind Marshallese island:
Ebeye is one of the second of the four central island in the Marshall Islands that is highly exercising all the traditional customs and rights of each clans and families live in this small island. Still implementing that customs and cultures of Marshallese created from the ancestors, should always respected. Even if we have westerners laws but still custom should always supercede the law if majority approved in the community.  Most of the customs and cultures changes due from many mix cultures and customs that comes to RMI and begin to diminish most of the experiiences people used to live. Late Leiroj Kitlang Kabua one of the leading and strongest leiroij who always make sure people in Ebeye do live according to RMI customs and cultures. Especiall the sister, Seagull Kabua James, who also highly protected the Marshallese cultures and customs. For example, she implemented a verbal regulation on her island that no woman shall wear short or even jeans. We've seen people complaint that it is unconstitutional but as a matter of fact this came first before RMI had the constitution in 1979. Cultures and custom came before establishment of RMI Government.  Furthermore, in respects of Families, Governments, Religions...justification from unwritten customs and cultures were not recorded within the small society and in fact only few were observed and honored by the Government before the RMI Government established in 1979. As a matter of fact, these modern way of life were all incorportaed with borrowing from Spanish, German, Japanese, and American that travele through and live for some periods of times in the "Aelon Kein Ad" which is RMI in the present time. These combination of foreign life styles might have changes some of the Actual cultures life style that was the normal one we had before the arrival of these foreigners. Anyway, life changes and moves on as culture changes, beside authoritative still exist between few alab and Iroij. Ebeye is still practicing it.  By the way, all the final decison from both Lerioj based on experiences and no one will overrule their decisions. Ebeye  is one of a kine of live in the way people respect their high chief or Iroij. Very proud of Ebeye citizens in the way they respect their chiefs especially the cultures and customs. Without the customs, RMI won't get better...the faster the custom diminish, the faster many citizens face difficulties dealing with the flow of the economy. JAKE JOBOL EO IS ALWAYS THE WAY WE MARSHALLESE LIVE....ENRA BWE JEN LALE RARA... these quotes or saying were few of what we left from our archieves which was normally stored in each respective individuals mind. One of the factors that lead our cultures vanish was the place to stored our very unique values, skills, and experiences in society. When these argeologists attempt to get our exact place of effectiveness, they lack evidences to proof their testing. But anyway, RMI is one of a KIND!