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    This page is dedicated to late Henry Muller, late Mo Jitiam, late Jerry Lakabung, and late Katjang of Uliga and all Uliga Alabs

Councilman is still Mr. Anthony Tony Muller - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Muller                                       

Ministry of Justice - Minister Witten Phillipo
The Supereme Court of the Marsahall Islands  
The High Court of the Marshall Islands
Office of the Public Defender
Department of Public Safety - Commissioner Mr. George Lanwi
Fire Dapartment  
Division of Criminal Investication - Chief of Police Mr. Vincent Tani
Juvenile Division

Ministry of Internal and Outer Islands Affairs - Minister Nidel Lorak
Secretary of IOIA - Mr. Lenest Lanki - Larrik in Majuro im Jaluit
Alele Eo - The Alele Museum
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
Office of the Registrar

Ministry of Transportation and Communication - Minister Brenson Wase
Secretary of T and C - Mr. Jorelik Tibon - Larrik in Majuro, Wotje, ...
Domistic shipping lines office
Small Transmitter sub station next to College of Micronesia

College of the Marshall Islands
Administration and Personnell - President, Mr. Alfred Capelle
Nursing School
Land Grant Office

Uliga Elementary School

News in CMI

1/18/2002 - Alfred Capelle is going to the big apple...M.I.Journal - Ennan eo eliktata ej etal in Ambassador ilo New York im bok jikin kar Ambassador Jakeo Relang

02/01/2002 - The hunt is on for a head honcho for the college - The college of the Marshall Islands board of regents has named Dr. John tuthill as the ":interim" CMI President starting February 1,, the day aftger the effective date of President Alfred Capelle's resignation. Tuthill is currently dean of academic affairs....The search committee will provide a list of the top three appl.icants to the board of regents that makes the final selection.