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    This page is dedicated to late Ringo Ring Eliu and all the Alabs of Rita Village, Majuro Atoll    

Shisam is still an active member of the UCC in RIta and one of the high ranking deacon. He is also a land owner of the land portion where the UCC Rita located. Former Rita Islander baseball team in the early 1980's and also a long time employee of the the MISTCO - Stevedoring compnay at Uliga village.
Titus Langrine was an employee at the MI Headstart program for quite a while. He got elected as representative of RIta for many years now. He is one of the long time member of the MALGOVT council for almost more than a decade. He is a very active members of the church in Rita either side. He is a great believer of God. He goes to all churches. Land owner of MonGood weto as well.
Rita Elementary School - Located at  EonMaaj weto.  This is the only public Elementary school in Rita and it is the first school build beginning of the TTPI administration.  

Marshall Islands High School - The first High School established by the Government of Micronesia  (TTPI) in 1963.  Turn over to the Repbulic of the Marshall Islands in 1979.  It is still located at the same area where it was build.

Rita Protestant school run privately by the Church run by Rev. Ensa Enos. Grades Preschool to 8 th Grades. This school was originated in the early 1990s. Most of the teacher were recruited from the FSM state of Chuuk to help with English and other subject matters that Majuro do concern regarding the education level of all Marshallese students.

To any visitors from Japan or other interested nation, this is to inform you that in Rita, there are still leftovers of infrastructures build by the Japanese Administration before WW II. In Rita land owners are still using water reservoirs build by the Japanese in various wetos. People are still using some of these water catchment build using some special type of  concrete cements mixed by Japanese Engineerings.    

Churches in Rita:

Rita Protestant Church : Pastor is Reverand Ensa Enos
who has been in Rita since late 1980's. He is still in control of Rita and had scoop all the members of his church from most of Rita and Uliga areas.

Assembly of God : Rita Faith Church - Reverend Kijjo
Also got most of the members from the Rita areas.

Bahai Faith in Rita:Located at the Lokenmok weto owned by Elizabeth Eliu's family. Building was leased out to the Bahai faith organization from late Ainri Aneo the former businessman who ran a retail store in Rita and Taxi services for Majuro Atoll including the theater to entertained the residents of Rita and rest of Majuro in the early 1970's.   

Jeovah's Witness Temple Hall: Located in the same weto as the Bahia faith.

Both Lokenmok weto and Drenar weto are attached to each other as well as the Drenlik weto which is owned by the postman Hessi's family in Rita. Also attached to the Drenar and Drenlik weto is the Monkoot weto that is owned by Mr. Barwell Langrine's family.

The wetos drenar and drenlik wetos were name after their creativity of natures. Dren - meaning of well water or rain water. However, in Drenlik and Drenar wetos if you dig the gournd in the past to locate a well water, it is easliy to find well water at both wetos. Unlike Lokenmok weto, you could dig as many well but cannot find a well. It's kind of a sacrad and mistery. Very interesting small portion of land.

Rita Baptise Church located at the Eonmaaj weto also part of the land owned by Elizabeth Eliu's family. Part of the lease was signed by late Eliu Jibambam including the Laura Elementary School at Laura.

Salvation Army Center is another new church located at the unnamed wetos. Owned by Newi Nathan.


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